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I love astrology, pure and simple. I have seen it affirm, support and inspire countless clients and friends over the last 20 or so years of my career. As a child in the early 70’s, I remember loving a silk scarf I found in my mother’s drawer; printed on it was the zodiac circled around a sun in shiny yellow, purple and aqua. I was enrapt and draped it over my body in play. Then as I grew, there were the daily and weekly forecasts in the newspapers and Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, Love Signs, etc.  At 18, I drew my own chart and made as much as I could out of my college roommate’s grocery store paperback book on astrology. I inquired and interviewed anyone to gain an experiential understanding of astrology. 


My only formal astrological study came through Linda Zlotnik aka Moonrabbit in Minneapolis, MN and a monthly (for 5 years!) women’s astrology study group facilitated by Rosie Finn in Olympia, WA. A workshop and/or a conference here and there, many books, and clients later, I am still in practice as an astrologer, a counselor and a counseling astrologer; able to integrate or separate these practices as needed.


I have great respect for all astrological schools of thought and try to keep an open mind and understanding for the many avenues and practices within this great natural science. I mainly practice western astrology and though eclectic, I incorporate Evolutionary Astrology and traditional astrological techniques and lenses. 


Astrology, to me, is an energetic language, fully alive, embodied, applicable and accessible. With astrology, I seek to affirm my clients in a way that opens them to the present moment, to potentiality and possibility. It is a tool for making sense of the past and clarifying the Soul’s intent for this lifetime.


It is my honor to share my passion for astrology with you; to further your use of this language, to deepen your self knowing and to be a companion with you, on your unique map, for this lifetime’s cycles of growth, change and manifestation.

Astrological Reading & Counseling


Duration varies 


Astrology to support your self knowing and authenticity. From first time readings to ongoing exploration and support, I use astrological insight, knowledge and wisdom to illuminate your unique path.

Inquire regarding availability

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